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    Invisible effects in Batman Arkham City GOTY edition


      Just gonna post this first to get it out of the way..




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      Lenovo ideapad 510

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      8 GB DDR4

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      Windows 10 64bit  1709

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      Nvidia- 382.64

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      1280 x 720 60Hz

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      High, medium or low settings don't seem to make a difference as the results are the same. 



      Alright, I'll try to explain it as detailed as I can. Basically, a lot of graphical effects seem to be invisible in Batman: Arkham City(Game of the Year Edition). Specifically, flares from lights, the counter marker that appears when an enemy is about to attack you etc. For counter markers, here are some pics..






      As you can see from the above 2 images, those counter markers which are circled in red seems to be invisible when playing the game. Usually, the counter markers can be disabled when playing on the hard difficulty setting or in new game plus. But this occurs even in the normal or easy difficulty setting. Moreover, when an enemy is about to attack and if you pause the game at that moment, you'll be able to see the counter marker being visible on the pause screen but when you resume the game, it becomes invisible again.


      Similarly, at the start of the game when you're being interrogated by Dr.Strange. Just pause the screen and you'll see the flares from light sources being visible in the pause screen but when you resume the game, it goes invisible again. This is the scene I'm talking about..




      In the above image, you can see the light flares but for me the flares are invisible and only the normal light is seen unless I pause the game which would make it visible and then reverts back,once the game is resumed.


      Another surefire way to see the invisible effects is to run the in-game benchmark. There's one particular area where you can see the missing effects and that's the Iceberg Lounge where you would be shot at with the freeze gun. This area will be shown in the benchmark and you'll be able to see what I'm talking about. This issue seems to be occurring with the Intel 6000 series as the effects are visible on the other series of cards.


      Here are a few videos that shows the Iceberg lounge with it's effects on other cards..


      Intel HD 4400


      Batman Arkham City benchmark test on Intel hd 4400-high settings (Acer Aspire E 15) - YouTube



      Intel HD 5000


      Intel HD 5000 Gaming Test - Batman Arkham City - 1280x720 Medium - YouTube https://youtu.be/MMzrOicf800?t=34s


      In the above 2 videos, you can clearly see the effects like the ice projectiles that are visible with the Intel 4400 and 5000 card.



      Intel HD 630


      Intel HD Graphics 630 -- Intel Core i3-7100 -- Batman Arkham City GOTY Benchmark - YouTube



      The freeze ray projectiles are invisible here but you can hear the sound effects .



      Intel HD 610


      Intel HD Graphics 610 -- Intel Pentium G4560 -- Batman Arkham City GOTY Benchmark - YouTube



      Same as the previous video, invisible projectiles but the sound effects could be heard. This is one of the issues I've been facing when playing the game, a lot of effects are invisible. Changing the game settings from low to high seem to result in the same thing i.e. invisible effects. Playing the game on an nvidia card seems to be fine as all the effects are visible but when I play it on the Intel hd 620 card, this issue occurs. When you're playing the game on DX11, these issues don't arise but on DX9, the issues crop up.


      Edit: I've just changed the screenshot links since it's not in intel's 'whitelisted' domains. Could one of the moderators be kind enough to get the youtube links whitelisted as they clearly show the issues I'm talking about.