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    Windows 7 AC 7260 will not connect to AC 8260 on Linux Kernel 4.1 configured as Access Point



      Here's my configuration:

      1. AC-8260 WiFi module running on Linux Kernel 4.1 as Access Point.
      2. Windows 7 OS with AC-7260 WiFi Module as client.
      3. Windows 10 OS with AC-7260 WiFi Module as client.



      • #3 connects to #1 if using the latest driver version date: 10/31/2017. This is good. It doesn't work if using the previous version of the driver date: 10/1/2017, but thats OK since latest driver works. But it does tell me that something changed for good in the latest driver that helps with the connectivity.
      • Here is the main problem: #2 above cannot connect to #1 even with the latest driver version Tried several other previous drivers but they wouldn't work either. hostapd on linux reports the following errors:
        • Dec 19 02:50:27 .....daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: STA <mac addr> IEEE 802.11: did not acknowledge authentication response.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.