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    Intel nuc 5i3RYH and home theatre system


      Hello, help for this problem:

      I have an Intel NUC 5i3RYH with WINDOWS 10 PRO 64bits  connected to a Samsung TV and to a home theater system like this:

      Intel nuc with mini HDMI - HDMI cable at the input of the switch that I report in the picture below.

      HDMI out of the switch to the Samsung TV and S/PFID out to the home theater system.

      I downloaded and updated the REALTEK codecs to the R2.82 version.



      From the audio settings of the control panel the system only detects the Samsung TV and speakers not connected and there is not digital S/PIFD audio.

      because? How do you solve it?



      I want to send the Dolby and DTS signal to the Home Theater system, can I do that?


      Thanks to everyone who will answer me.