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    After replacing a member disk from a RAID 1 volume, I couldn't find a way to rebuild that disk


      On my Windows Server 2003, Intel Matrix Storage Manager warns me: one disk missing, as the figure below.

      (The Chinese in the figure means "missing disk").


      Here is the option ROM screen:


      So I see the disk at Port 2 is gone. That matches what it says from Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

      I don't know what "Incompatible" means though (the disk at Port 3).

      Anyway, I bought a new hard disk with same size, but different brand (I assume it's OK), then I pull out the disk from tray #2, replace it with the new disk.

      Now I can see it from option ROM screen:


      The new disk is installed at Port 2, and its status is "Non-RAID Disk."


      I've read the manual, learned that it should be a simple task, because Intel Matrix Storage Manager would detect a new disk and rebuild it automatically, or at least I can right-click on the non-RAID disk and select "Rebuild", done. Right?

      Turned out not that simple -- I couldn't find "Rebuild" option from Intel Matrix Storage Manager.  (please don't tell me to find it somewhere, I actually looked everywhere, several times.)


      Tried everything I can do. I gave up, turned off the server, pulled out the new disk, and.... put the original disk (the "missing disk") back to the server. Why not? I think.

      Now the option ROM found an "Offline Member" disk:

      And after Windows Server started, I see a message balloon from the system tray icon area, saying "rebuilding RAID volume." and I know it's working now (ignore the figure below if you don't speak Chinese).


      This is my first time replacing a RAID 1 member disk. Can someone help me:

      1. When a disk status shows "Incompatible", what does it mean?

      2. When a disk status shows "Non-RAID" disk (as the third figure above), how can I make it a Member Disk and rebuild it?


      P.S. I didn't try to Reset Disks to Non-RAID, because I'm afraid of losing all data on the disk.

      P.S. Intel Storage Manager version 8.9.