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    connect SSD P4600 2TB via U.2 on backplane


      Hi Intel Community,


      i hope you can help me. I want to connect a P4600 U.2 SSD (2TB) on my Sata/SAS/Nvme Backplane.

      But it does not work:


      Mainboard:          Intel® Server Board S2600WF0

      Backplane:          F2U8X25S3PHS

      Raidcontroller:    BC MegaRAID 9361-8i PCIe x8

      + the integrated onboard Raid controller


      When i connect the P4600 it flashes 1 sec. then the led is off for 20 seconds and then it is constantly back on again.


      The Raid Controller does not detect the drive. Same for the onboard controler.


      I have installed all the Firmwareupdates for the board and the controller. It does not appear in the raidmanager


      The P4600 i have is not the model with the PCIe connector. It is the 2,5" model with an sas shaped connector.