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    Intel Network Adapter Driver for Wins 7 - Very Slow Response On Access the tab On Windows Device Manager


      I had downloaded and installed the latest V22.10 of the above mentioned (PROWinx64Legacy.exe) on a Beckhoff IPC running windows 7 professional x64 Edition with SP1 for the purposes of NIC teaming of the installed intel adapters.  After the successful installation, I encountered the following:


      (1)  I found that it takes a long time (around 8 to 10 secs) for the properties window of the various intel adapter to show up once it is accessed. The added tabs (like the Teaming, the Link Speed) also behaves the same and takes a long time (says 5 to 8 secs) to be activated and display its contents. This only affect the intel network adapters.  I installed the driver on two IPCs and the observation is the same. I try to uninstall and reinstall the driver on the same 2 IPCs with no improvement.


      Is this normal or is this a bugs in the new latest driver? Anyone encounter the same?



      (2) I had the following 4 intel adapters on the said IPC.

      (a) x2 intel 82574L Gigabit Network adapter (on add on PCIxe Card)

      (b) x1 intel I210 Gigabit Network adapter

      (c) x1intel I219-LM Gigabit Network adapter



      I am not able to team the two intel 82574L adapters as a team, it gives an error: each team must include at least one Intel server device or intel integrated connection that support teaming. However I am able to team one intel 82574L adapter with either the I210 or the I219_LM adapter as a team.

      What is intel integrated connection? The intel 82574L adapters are not server adapters?