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    Silver Ghost Display


      NUC7i7BNH system with 32Gb Optane Memory, 16Gb RAM, 1,5Tb HDD running WIndows 10 Pro v1709 (Build 16299.125).


      For some time now, during viewing a video using VLC, the picture will go all 'silverish' or ghostly, for a second or three.  The video doesn't pause, just changes colour.

      There doesnt seem to be any particular relation to anything that may cause it.

      It may happen when I'm changing from speakers to headphones, or when the external HDD kicks in (for whatever reason), or at other times.

      It doesn't matter whether I'm using a video stored on the external HDD or on the internal HDD/Optane Memory.

      I don't know if it's just with VLC, I haven't tried any other media player.


      While it's not urgent, it is annoying, coz it can happen a dozen times during the playing of a movie, once or twice or even not at all.


      If anyone has any fix ideas, would be muchly appreciated.