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    ZR300 with pcl




      I have been trying to capture and save the point cloud data with Intel RealSense.


      Use LibRealSense and Point Cloud Library (PCL) to Create Point Cloud Data | Intel® Software

      The article above helped me a lot working with R200.


      Recently I bought new ZR300 and tried the same code, but it is not working.

      It prints out 'segmentation fault (core dumped)' and shuts down the viewer.


      As I have googled through 'pcl segmentation fault error', it says it is a known issue with pcl, and they got many solutions.

      I tried all the solutions but, still same. R200 works, but ZR300 does not.

      I believe it is not any issues related to this:  Segfault on app start using Trusty Beta with packaged PCL · Issue #619 · PointCloudLibrary/pcl · GitHub


      I wonder if anyone has succeed integrating librealsense with pcl using ZR300.

      Does PCL support ZR300?



      I am trying under the condition below :

      Ubuntu :          16.04

      librealsense :  1.12.1

      PCL :                1.8.1