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    Motherboard drivers on the site won't work.


      Intel BOXD915GEV motherboard.  I've had it for several years now, and had to replace a hard drive that crapped out on me.  Unfortunately, I can't find the Intel Express Installer CD (even though I have every box and everything else from when I built the computer *sigh*).


      Anyways, I downloaded all the drivers on the support page for this board, however none of them work.  The chipset/INF package says it's not set-up correctly, and some ot the other downloads just won't run.  I installed Windows XP Pro on the hard drive, and other than that there's nothing.  I looked on some of the other support topics to see which order I should install the drivers in, but to no avail.


      My main concern is getting the internet working, but it doesn't know what to do with the wireless network card I have plugged in via USB (2.0 support has been enabled in the BIOS).  Any suggestions?