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    HD Graphics 520: Battlefield 1 unplayable with driver




      Battlefield 1 unplayable (2-10 FPS) and choppy/no audio with new video driver 4877. Very long load time. Release notes: "Battlefield 1 (and others) get improved load times, performance optimizations, and enhanced playability using DirectX11"


      Same results using DirectX12.


      Previous driver version 4849 was fine (20-30 FPS) and no audio issues.


      Video full screen 1280x720 and options at minimum.


      My PC: Amazon.com: Kingdel Intel i7 6th Gen. SKYLAKE CPU Mini Desktop Computer, 4K HTPC with 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4096x2304, HD…

      CPU: Intel i7 6600U @ 2.60GHz

      Board: INTEL Corporation SKYBAY (U3E1)

      RAM: 16 GB

      SSD: 512 GB

      OS: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


      I've rolled back to version 4849.


      Thank you.