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    Black screen after Installing Intel HD graphic drivers


      Hey , there..

      Please some one out there from intel , help me out..

      I have a Dell laptop Vostro 3446 with an with an Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M . After installing windows 10 , whenever i install intel hd graphics driver or windows automatically detects and download it, my pc goes to black screen as if graphic driver is unmounted , with a sound that comes when we unmount a device from pc.

      System still runs but there is no display.

      I almost tried everything , i could . I reinstalled windows and even completely formatted my PC with latest version of windows 10. but every time install intel hd graphic driver system goes to black screen. I have to boot it to Safe mode and uninstall driver, then pc reboots properly but with windows basic display driver which is not good.

      Later as soon as pc is connected to network it downloads driver and boom! black screen again.


      Believe me i almost tried every thing i could but failed and not able to use my pc from almost 4 months. Even lost my all data in all these process of frustration.


      Request you to please give me some advice or solution. It seems the intel driver is not compatible with windows 10.

      Please help!