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    NUC6CAYH Freezing/Crashing... LAN troubles, etc


      I picked up a NUC6CAYH with the plan of using it for Libreelec.  I realize this is not a supported OS, but there are many others using the NUC6CAY for this without issue.


      I have 2 x HyperX Impact 4GB 1866MHz DDR3L CL11 SODIMM 1.35V HX318LS11IB/4 installed. (tested with memtest for 48 hours without issue.)  I have used both a Samsung 830 SSD, and an ADATA SP600


      I have consistent crashing and freezing with Libreelec, that others are not experiencing.  Sometimes it runs without crashing for an hour or so, sometimes only minutes.


      I have experienced freezing in the visual bios, requiring a hard reset, at least a few times, and with both 0041, and 0042 bios.


      I decided to install windows 10, as a test of an "approved" OS.  Windows Setup experienced a crash during install, and after install, the Win 10 install itself experienced a BSOD.  Additionally with Win 10, I am unable to install the LAN driver, no realtek lan is recognized... nothing is shown in the device manager either (no, it is NOT disabled in the bios)


      I can gather info if it would help, but I am thinking there may be something wrong with my NUC.


      What needs to be done to get a replacement?