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    D510MO boot from Compact Flash


      D510MO with 4GB RAM. March firmware update applied; SATA1 = SATA <> CompactFlash adaptor; SATA2 = 320GB 2.5" Seagate HDD; OS = Linux (various - mostly flavours of Ubuntu).

      Have successfully installed (Xubuntu 9.10) to 4GB Compact Flash (Sandisk Ultra II) - which has a max. IDE capability of MWDMA2 (and PIO 1-4). System boots from this card just fine. However, card is quite full, hence have been trying to install to 8GB CF cards - without success.

      Have tried a Lexar 233, and a Transcend Professional 133. Both are UDMA/66 capable - I think all modern cards are. I've tried all of the relevant boot-related options in the BIOS (AHCI/IDE, ACPI, etc.).

      Booting from a USB pendrive 'Live CD distribution' (I've tried lots of them, inc. the Ububtu 10.04 beta), and adding "libata.force=1:mwdma2" to the kernel boot line, lets me get the 'puter up & running, from which I can then install to the 8GB cards. However, applying this commandline parameter in Grub2 to the new install does not make the cards bootable (the system hangs almost immediately after the BIOS splash, with a "Read Error" message - occasionally I get a grub rescue prompt, from which I can make nothing work...).

      I am able to boot my Samsung NC10 Netbook with the 8GB cards plugged-in to a USB Hub / Card Reader - that's how I'm currently doing this!

      I have created a Win98 DOS 'boot disk' with one of the cards, It boots, via the USB Hub / Card Reader, on my Samsung, and on my Thinkpad. The D510MO system, however, just hangs (mostly displaying a '5A' at the BIOS splash screen) - whether plugged-in to the SATA <> CF adaptor, or with the USB Hub / Card Reader. (Each time, of course, I select the target device via the F10 boot menu.)

      After trying all this stuff, I'm always able to boot OK from the 4GB CF card.


      I'm rapidly reaching the conclusion that the D510MO and/or BIOS is a really poor product. Having spent over a week of evenings researching the problem, I think I'd do best to throw it in the bin. Anybody got a better idea?