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    Can i use 8700K with 2133mhz memory DDR4?





      Hi. My rams:









      Currently are on Asus Z170-P motherb and 6700K. I am buying 8700K and Asus Tuf Z370 Pro Gaming.






      I must buy faster new ram or not necessary ? I dont have much money and i must safe cash for mobo.



      And why on intel specification is 2666mhz memory,look:




      So this mean i will be have bootleneck?

      So right now me having lower MHz ram than Intel actually recommends slows down the CPU or not really?


      I read many reviews that difference between 2133mhz vs 2666mhz are large and shows 20-30 fps difference.

      Other reviews shows 2-3 fps marginal difference.


      Like i said i must safe cash for 1080 ti . Can i use them 2133mhz for short time with 8700K ( stock ) ?