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    DG43NB and DP43TF boards with static IP getting DHCP IP numbers


      I have 30 desktop computers with the DP43TF board and 25 desktop computers with the DG43NB board.  All are part of our domain and all are running Windows XP Pro SP3.  All have a static IP address but on our Windows 2003 server, DHCP has assigned an IP address to each machine.  When I run IPCONFIG /All, I only get the static IP information.  I can trace the MAC address from the DHCP server lease to the particular computer, but I can't figure out why the computer is requesting an IP from the DHCP server.  How do I stop these computers on our LAN from taking IP addresses from our DHCP server? Here's what I've tried with no luck- Stopped the DHCP service on the client computer, the Windows 2003 server still assigns an IP to the client. Disabled the onboard LAN card and installed and configured an Intel Pro 100 S card with a static IP. Still the Windows 2003 server running DHCP assigns an IP address to the client.  Installing the Intel Pro 100 S LAN card AND disabling the DHCP service on the client computer seems to cure the problem.  No IP address from the Windows 2003 DHCP server to that client.  I'm not sure where to go from here. I know it has something to do with the motherboards because I even removed the hard drive and booted the computer while watching the network traffic from it to the server.  Still the DHCP request and ack occur between the desktop and the DHCP server.  This occurs very early in the boot process. Please help!

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          F2 screen goes by.

          At  Cntrl-P screen  go into.

          Then into wake remote wake lan settings


          Switch to disable





          Option 2

          put another network card in, dont use built in one.

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            Option 1)  I did that with no luck.  The computer still requests (DHCP Discover) during the boot process.

            Option 2)  Yes, the would solve the problem but why should I have to buy 24 NIC cards for the DG43NB and another 24 cards for the DP43TF motherboards if the problem can be solved with an updated BIOS or driver?

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              I did have to remove the entries from my DNS & DHCP, after I toggle the to disabled. then power off an rebooted the workstations.

              Another are I was going to explore was the AMT. but never had to to there.


              just posting what worked for us, work for 10 computers.

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                Has there been a resolution to this problem?  The BIOS is still sending DHCP request packets during the bootstrap process.  The following BIOS settings has NOT fixed the problem:


                After Power Failure:  Stay off

                Wake on LAN from S5:  Stay off

                Wake system from S5:  Disable

                Wake on PS/2 Keyboard from S5:  Stay off

                Boot to Network:  Disable


                and for good measure

                XD Technology:  Disable

                Intel VT:  Disable


                I just updated the BIOS to the most recent version with no luck:



                These motherboards are taking up DHCP resources in a LAN environment. 

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                  I have a similar problem, with just DP43TF boards (and have a post on that).  Only a few PCs with the boards require static IP addresses, but which time the PC is booted (after patches, etc.), the NIC sends a DHCP request, gets DHCP assignment which updates DNS static entry for that PC (all of this happens before the Operating System loads).  When the operating system loads, the PC will use the static IP.  The static IP differs from the entry in DNS.  Applications which use DNS forward and reverse lookup get the wrong address resolved.  As a result, several applications fail or produce erroneous conditions (Windows Remote Desktop/Terminal Services), eEye Retina Network Security Scanner, Dameware NT Utilities and Remote Control, and several security related DNS reverse lookup conditions.

                  Suggested fixes:

                  -Install BIOS upgrade with a fix for PXE requesting DHCP address, even when not enabled (if released by Intel).

                  -Install a separate NIC and disable the built-in NIC.  Gets to be expensive and redundant, why pay for a board with a built-in NIC and then go out an buy another?

                  -Don't use PCs with the DP43TF or DG43NB, etc. boards for workstations which require static IP assignment.  Gets to be expensive and stupid, bulk buy of multiple PCs then means splitting the buy to get a different motherboard.  Common drivers go out the window, etc.

                  -Create a larger DHCP scope and use reservations to assign the desired static IP addresses in the desired range and exclude the addresses in the desired range which don't need a static assignment, yet.  Starts to become an adminstrative nightmare, especially when the application which needs to use static IP addresses should be in a contiguous block, not scattered throughout the DHCP scope.

                  In my opinion, the only viable fix is a BIOS change.

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                    I've called Intel a number of times and started a service ticket.  I've even sent them my packet information showing them that the computer is asking for an IP and not the operating system.  (I had the hard drive removed to prove my point.)  No one from Intel has replied to my service request with a solution.  It's as if they don't think there's a problem so they're not going to look into it.  I don't know what else to do.  Anyone else have any suggestions?  I believe we need a BIOS upgrade.

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                      We are having the exact same issue with 25 of our computers in a classroom setting. We have been tearing our hair out trying to isolate this issue. Who would have thought motherboard?  Anyway, we are going to try the ALT-P BIOS changes tomorrow and see what happens.  INTEL IF YOU ARE READING THESE POSTS this issue needs to be corrected with a BIOS update or something.  All of our students are issued laptops and these crazy motherboards are pulling from our DHCP pool.

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                        We have the same problem here and produced a temporary solution.

                        What we did is we got the MAC addresses of these computers.

                        We noted which IP is statically assigned for each mac address (eg. ComputerA: 001234567890 =

                        We went to the DHCP Server and reserved the correct ip for each mac address based on the list, what happens now is:


                        1. When the computer prepares to boot up it asks for a DHCP address

                        2. The DHCP  Server gives then him the reserved IP (e.g.

                        3. Computer boots into the OS and uses the statically assigned ip


                        Not a perfect solution but somehow works for us.