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    D975XBX2 Ram support


      Hi there. i have D975XBX2 motherboard and intel sore 2 duo cpu in it. i have 2 sticks of 2 gb each right now and i wanna make it 8 gb . so if i install even one ram of any memory( 1gb, 2gb, 512mb) it doesnt take any and wont show display at all. all the slots are perfectly working on only two sticks. plz help.

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          The board can only support 4 ranks of memory. If your existing DIMMS have 2 ranks or the new DIMMs have two ranks, then you will exceed this limit and the combination will not work. Similarly, the board can only support DIMMs with x8 organization. New DIMMs with x16 organization cannot be used.


          Please provide full part numbers for the DIMMs you started with and the new DIMMs you tried to add.



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            hi there thanx for replying. i am a noob and dont know alot about rams. but ive taken some photos and i guess u should provide me whats best for me to reach to 8 gb ram on this board plz.https://i.imgur.com/fYAywJH.jpg







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              In future, please attach pictures to your responses here. We can no longer access external sites using links like this.


              Both of the DIMMs that you have shown are Dual Rank. You will only be able to use two of these at any one time.




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                Let me say slightly more. As a general rule of thumb, if a DDR2 DIMM has chips on both sides of the DIMM, it is likely a dual rank DIMM. What you need to get are four 2GB DDR2 DIMMs that have chips on only one side of each DIMM.


                Oh, and one other exception: low-profile DIMMs cannot be used with Intel Desktop Board products. This diagram shows the difference between regular and low-profile DIMMs:



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                  thanx sir for replying. i posted with pics firstly but the post wouldnt reply with them so i did this. sorry. What u mean is that if i wanna add 8 gb to my system then i have to either put 2gb 4sticks with chips on one side or 4 gb rams 2 sticks like the ones here now?and also sir i cant seem to install windows 10 to my system the 64 Bit version coz of support for that or something, so can i know if there is a bios update of this motherboard here coz i cant find the exact file and scared of trying out something that i dont know. Thankyou very much.

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                    Correct, you need two 4GB DDR2 DIMMs or four single-sided (single rank) 2GB DDR2 DIMMs. These may be DDR2-800 or DDR2-667 DIMMs. The 4GB DIMMs may be double-sided, but the memory cannot be in x16 organization.


                    Windows 10 is not supported on systems this old (this board is 12 years old!). You might, with luck, be able to get it to install and run, but it would never run well. I recommend that you upgrade your system to something a lot more modern if you want to run Windows 10.


                    Hope this helps,


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                      ok sir thank you so much. i will reply when i find these rams. and is there any update that i can do  to this bios. i wanna change this ofcourse but my budget is very tight right now. i plan to do in future though. thanx sir.

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                        hi there i just found a motherboard . the name is Desktop Board DQ965COKR from intel and i got it for free. is this board better than this D975XBX2. i mean bios support and windows 10 installation wise. and the guy i got it from says it had 8gb ddr2 ram . 4 sticks of 2gb. plz help required.

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                          The BX2 board has the potential to be a better performing board than CO, but this depends upon the processor that you have to put into it. If you have only a mainstream processor, then it really doesn't matter.


                          Your boards have no BIOS support. They were end-of-lifed many, many years ago. As well, since Intel exited the boards business a number of years ago, no BIOS expertise remains (even for consulting). Bottom line, Intel cannot provide - and will not provide - any support (they simply do not have the expertise). I am all you have available - and I am retired and only here as a volunteer!


                          As for Windows 10 support, as I have said before, there is none for either of these boards (nor any of the processors that they can host).


                          Let's put things in perspective. Though they never actually had this designation, the 965/975 chipsets are essentially members of what could be referred to as the 2 Series chipset (simply by virtue of the fact that the next chipset generation is called the 3 Series chipset). Currently, formal support for Windows 10 is provided for some (but not all) 7 Series chipset features (as well as the 3rd generation Core processors that they can host). What this means is that the cutoff for the support of Windows 10 is 5 full generations AFTER your boards (and the processors that they can host). Secondly, modern Atom processors have more raw compute power (and certainly way, way more graphics capability) than any of the Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processors and/or your boards could provide - yet they have issues running Windows 10 well. Bottom line, while Windows 10 might install and run on your boards, it will never run well; there simply isn't enough compute power.


                          As a final statement, let me say this: these boards are so old that they are long past the MTBF dates for all component used on/in the board. Components - even the solder holding everything together (physically and electrically) - could fail at any time. You really should be replacing them with something more modern.