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    Quark D2000 board cannot be flashed


      Hi !


      "System studio update 2" cannot flash the board though it can update Microcontroller ROM successfuly.


      • I followed the advises at Troubleshooting Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers issues on Windows  ; no success
      • Board is displayed correctly in device manager (Please, check image)
      • I run System Studio from correct location (Please, check image)
      • I reinstalled drivers \tools\debugger\driver\install.bat
      • I deleted entire   \Documents\INTEL SS folder and then reinstalled system studio, but, no success.


      The board was just fine when first out of package. Later, I used it with Segger J-link successfuly. Today, I have reconnected all the jumpers to the default locations (J9, J10, J11, J15 and J17 to JTAG position), but, failed to flash the board. No success until now. It stucks while displaying "Flashing application to your development board"


      Any idea?


      D2000 error.JPG