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    RawStreams rssdk sample code opened in Visual Studio 2017.


      Hi! I was able to open the DF_RawStreams_vs2015.sln (from the sample code of SDK apps in RSSDK folder)  in Visual Studio 2017. I was able to run the app through Local Windows Debugger. A GUI of the RawStreams is loaded. This is the same application that can be opened directly from the Intel Realsense SDK. However, i want to be able to get the depth data and thus, i know i would have to look into the code. In the Solutions Explorer Tab, under the subheading Source Files, there are  five cpp files, namely:






      What .cpp file must be edited to include the code for getting depth data?

      The ProjectDepthData was suggested to me before but i still don't know how to do it. Can anyone give me a head start?