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    About the Intel® SSD Data Center Tool script file


      HI All.


              This is a personal script I completed, in order to facilitate the convenience of the user Data Center tool. I write a script on the basic functions, users only need to simply press the number, you can complete the firmware update, power adjustment, sector adjustment, As well as the export of SMART information.Simplified Chinese and English versions were made.I hope everyone can help test or make some comments, or to help fix some problems. Because this is just a simple personal interest written.


      Supported features:

      1. Firmware update           

      2. Change Sector Size (SATA)  

      3. Change Sector Size (NVMe)

      4. Power Governor setting   

      5. S.M.A.R.T             


      This tool can support up to 6 SSD. Specific reference to attachments, double-click to run, automatically trigger administrator privileges.

      Prerequisite: You must install Dat Center tool first


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