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    Few questions regarding RealSense SR300


      MartyG intel_admin


      As per documentation SR300 Max Operating Range is 2.0m. Can you increase it above 2.0m in SR300 developement kits by Updating Firmware or by someother means?


      Does SR300 works with Android and IOS?


      Does SR300 works with Raspberry pi having Windows IOT OS?


      Does Kinect sdk works with IntelRealSense cameras?


      On microsoft official page it is mentioned that "Microsoft is working with Intel to provide an option for developers looking to transition from the Kinect for Windows platform. As developers transition from Kinect hardware, Microsoft encourages developers to look into Intel’s RealSense depth cameras". Does it means Microsoft is working on a new device with Intel that can support kinect sdk?

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          You can increase depth range with the IVCAMFilterOption instruction, with range extended at the cost of image quality.


          Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R3 Documentation


          SR300 will not work with iOS and Android.


          You cannot use SR300 with Raspberry Pi because Pi only has USB 2.0, and the camera needs USB 3.0.  The ZR300 camera model can be used with a Joule board and Windows 10 IoT though.


          Kinect cameras would not work as a depth-sensing camera with the RealSense SDK. 


          As far as I know, Microsoft has no plans to create hardware that works with the RealSense SDK.