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    How to find the cores that share L1 cache in Xeon (R) D-1548 processor


      I need to find the cores that utilize the same L1 cache in xeon d-1548 processor.As the Intel Xeon D-1548 has

      The number of CPU cores8
      The number of threads16
      Floating Point UnitIntegrated
      Level 1 cache size ? 8 x 32 KB instruction caches
      8 x 32 KB data caches
      Level 2 cache size ? 8 x 256 KB caches
      Level 3 cache size12 MB
      Physical memory128 GB

      how to know which all logical cores are utilizing the same L1 level cores.The cpu numbers from 0,..., 16.


      What are the logical processors sharing a same core, can the numbers be known ? Is it like CPU0 and CPU1 are residing on the same core number 1.How to find it exactly.