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    Intel driver and support assistant not starting


      After recent windows updates on my Windows 10 Laptop   (and now with Windows 10, version 1709 , build number 16299.64), Intel Driver and Support Assistant will not

      start automatically , nor can it be started from the program menu. Upon startup after sign in I receive the pop-up notification "Communication with service process failed. Tray cannot start.".  Upon running services.msc and observing the service for Intel Driver and Support Assistant, I find that although the service startup is listed as automatic,

      the service status is not listed as running. The service is not starting automatically either at computer startup nor via selecting the utility in the program menu. The only way i can start

      the Intel Service and Support Assistant is by starting it in the services menu, exiting, then running it from the program menu. The icon then shows on the tray and can be accessed and remains functional until I restart the computer whereupon the utility again fails to start automatically.


          The Version of this utility Intel Driver and Support Assistant is 3..0.12 which is the latest from what I hear.


      Why is this utility not running automatically at startup or when accessed in the program menus????