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    [NUC6i7KYK] - Can't get no persistence w/dual monitors - all windows move to primary monitor after sleep


      My setup is a NUC6i7KYK with 2x16Gb of DDR4 RAM and a V-NAND SSD 850 EVO M.2 from Samsung. I bought two identical 28" 4K UHD ASUS PB287Q monitors and was immediately disappointed I couldn't daisy chain them using the Display Port. My bad, didn't do my research, nothing to do with the NUC.


      So I'm running two identical monitors; main monitor connected using the Mini DisplayPort, secondary connected with HDMI.

      My issue: Every time the screens wake up from sleep all my open windows on the secondary monitor have moved to the primary one, and I have to re-arrange all my windows all over again.

      What I expect to happen: On wake-up I want my monitors to persist my program windows the way I had them arranged before the monitors shut off.


      * I'm running Windows 10 v1709 (OS build 16299.125)

      * ASUS doesn't offer display drivers for these monitors, they use the Microsoft Generic PnP Monitor drivers.

      * The Intel Iris Graphics Control Panel identifies the main (DPLink) monitor as a Digital Display, the second monitor (HDMI) as a Digital Television.

      * BIOS/Firmware/drivers all up to date as per Intel Driver & Support Assistant


      I'm very happy with the Skull Canyon (my first NUC) and I'd be the first to admit this is a minor issue. But it does get old and I hope that one of you guys can help me out. Fingers crossed!