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    Intel 537EPG Modem Win 10 Driver


      I recognize that I'm asking for support for some pretty outdated technology. None-the-less, I figure what's the harm in asking, right?

      I want to setup digital faxing on my Windows 10 64bit computer. I happened to have an intel 537EPG 56K Modem kicking around and decided to try to get it running on my win 10 PC, however have been unable to find drivers for windows 10 and the automatic search yields no results. Am I simply out of luck on this one or is there a way to get windows 10 to use an older driver, or perhaps does a driver for this card exist somewhere that would allow it to run in win 10?
      Thank you for your time.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® communities. We will do our best to provide the information you are looking for.

          In regard to your inquiry, unfortunately for this modem there are no drivers available for Windows ® 10. As an option you can always look online in order to try to find them, but the drivers will not be available in our web site, also we cannot guarantee that the drivers you might find on third party web sites will work with this product.

          Alberto R

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            Thanks for your reply. I suspected that was the case, but I figured I'd ask anyway. Does intel have any 56K Fax modems that you would recommend that are compatible with windows 10? I'd be willing to purchase a new card to get this up and running.

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              when it comes to Windows 10 supporting 56k dialup modems, it's almost non-existent so don't bet on it.

              also future feature updates to Windows 10 may eventually remove support for dialup modems entirely.


              consider looking for different brand modems like us robotics or hiro, which have external usb dialup modems that may work under windows 10 with built-in drivers.  maybe even try getting a startech 56k dialup/fax usb 2.0 modem.