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    Sharing video device




      I'm trying to use Euclid's RGB camera by two different applications: 1 ROS node and non-ROS service running in the background. The problem is that once one of those programs opens the device (/dev/video2), it gets locked and can't be read by the rest.


      I've tried to clone the device using gstreamer to create a loopback device (see this post) but i have not been able to do it so far. Has anyone done this for the Euclid? Is there any other way?


      Best regards,

      Xabier Crespo.

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          Hi Xabier,


          You just want to make sure you don't have two programs trying to lock /dev/video2.

          If you can get the non-ROS service (which I'm guessing is the one that locks the device) to publish the RGB images to a topic, then modify the ROS-node to receive the RGB images from that topic instead of /camera/color/image_raw, you should be all set.

          Or if you can modify the non-ROS service to receive images published into /camera/color/image_raw, that would also be a good workaround.




          Intel Euclid Development Team