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    Intel DC D3700 Series dual port cables




      I have an Intel DC D3700 Series NVMe SSD (800GB) drive that I'm trying to get working in dual port mode.  Is there any documentation on the DC D3700?

      I've purchased two cables from SerialCables.com.  I have the PCI-4339i-0.5M-N2 cable and the PCI-4339B-0.5M-N2 cable.  The PCI-4339B-0.5M-N2 is PCI Sig compliant

      but doesn't work at all with the D3700.  The PCI-4339i-0.5M-N2 cable sort of works, but not reliably.


      Does Intel have a specific cable to be used with this drive?  Is the D3700 compliant with the SFF-TA-1001 specification?  Any information would be helpful.