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    Intel Online Connect services causes Windows to crash


      The other day I encountered a very weird issue where I was no longer able to logon to PayPal. As soon as I clicked the Login button my PC would crash.


      First I thought maybe it was some kind of virus causing this but after scanning my PC with multiple scanners where it came out clean after all scans I started looking elsewhere. Analyzing the mini dump file created as well as doing some Google searching I eventually found out it's Intel Online Connect causing all this. Other people apparently experienced the same issue using Steam.


      From what I learned, this technology is for people using touch screens. Since I'm not using a touch screen I figured I would get rid of it but couldn't find out how to uninstall this software since it wasn't found in the list of installed applications. I did find a number of services though and after stopping those that were running and changing the startup type from Automatic to Manual the problem went away and I'm able to logon to PayPal again.


      Is this an already known issue and what plans are there for a proper fix?


      Edited to add I'm using Windows 10 Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.98)