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    Replacing disks of a SS4200-E with larger capacity.


      Hello All,


      I have a SS4200-E with 4x1 TB disks configured as RAID-5.

      I am running out of disk space and would like to install 4x1.5 TB disks without loosing data.


      First of all, is the unit going to recognize the 1.5 TB disks? (I am using the latest official ROM.)


      And is it possible to replace disks one by one, wait for the RAID to reconstruct and extend the volume at the end?


      I don't want to move all my data somewhere else and move back after replacing the disks.


      Many thanks in advence...



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          No you can do that. The system will only use 1TB of the new disk space for the automatic RAID recovery. The SS4200 is a pretty basic RAID machine. In fact, it uses Linux software RAID (mdadm stuff). You can access the system at a root level command prompt and run teh madam configuration utility, but if you're doing root level command line stuff you really should have a backup in case anything goes wrong. If you have a backup, there's no need to do what you're thinking about.


          The system should support 1.5TB HDDs from a platform perspective, but none have been validated by Intel. You're kinda on your own with anything above 1TB HDDs.


          Good Luck,