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    PC stops responding when writing to raid volume



      gigabyte z370 Aorus gaming 7 mainboard

      i7 8700k cpu

      Samsung evo 960 NVME hosting the OS (Windows 10 x64 v1709)

      3 Hitachi HDS721010CLA630 (firmwareJP4OA41B) drives in Raid 5 as data drive

      2 WDC WD10EAVS-00M480 drives in Raid 1 as backup drive

      Intel RST version and also have tried the later drivers provided by Gigabyte 15.9.*.*


      I am currently on a beta bios provided by Gigabyte F5g but have also used F5e


      The problem is the computer failing to respond when writing to the raid 5 volume. I have iTunes backups going to the raid 5 and randomly when backing up all writing will stop and the system will partially hang. Any further attempt to access the drives will result in explorer hanging. The system will not shutdown gracefully and the only option left is to hold the power button. This will not occur all the time but enough to be a real problem.


      These drives were working in an old system using rst 7.5 fine. All the data was copied off the drives and the array recreated on the new system and the data copied back (problem became evident during the copy back). The issue only occurred after the raid was initialised and write back cache mode enabled. I do not have Intel Optane memory installed.


      There does not appear to be errors in the windows event log. When it happens during a file copy the write speed will drop to 0 and activity will remain at 100%.