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    iOS device issue with Adhoc Wireless Guest Access


      Hi all,


           Anyone faced this issue here?


      POC Landscape

      1. Intel Unite Hub V3.2, with Enterprise Pin Server

      2. Dell Optiplex 7040

      3. Windows machine accessing to Guest Access possible and can present

      4. iOS devices can connect into the Adhoc wireless service, pingable but it cannot connect via client app citing SSL error.


      Wouldn't creating a self-sign SHA256 certificate not enough?


      At the same time, I've also tried editing in the registry of the Hub though yielded no result to connect iOS devices with the following

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Intel\Unite\AllowInsecureCertificates = 1

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Intel\Unite\DisableCheckCertificateChain = 1


      In terms of network,

      My Pin Server is in 195 VLAN

      My Hub is in 130 VLAN

      (195 & 130 are pingable)

      Guest access (adhoc wireless) is given as 192.168.137.x


      Any advise?