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    Intel PROSet wireless software; 802.1x associating issues; Intel Wireless Troubleshooter/Manual Diagnostic Tool do nothing


      Very strange behaviour..


      Intel PROSet.. seemingly overnight..

      a. Just stopped being to associate 802.1x/Enterprise based wireless networks.  Personal sec (PSK) is fine.  But 802.1x/enterprise networks it can't associate to.

      I can default to Microsoft Windows utility and it connects fine.


      b. To make matters worse in the PROSet utility, Tools -> Intel Wireless Troubleshooter and Tools -> Manual Diagnostic Tool do nothing. I can select them from the Tools menu and it does nothing.

      Infact, the Intel Wireless Troubleshooter, when selected, says 'Operation Command Successfully' .. but eventuates nothing ?

      So I can't even see what output/error i'm seeing why it can't connect...


      Do I need to clean out PROset ? I've already done this.. with a basic uninstall..purge all profiles, etc.

      Maybe a cleanup tool exists ?


      Running Windows 10 Creator's Update