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    RST Command line tool


      I' d like to access RST by win32 App.

      For checking status(disk health or raid rebuilding).

      I hope I can use commandline or SDK.


      RST CLI ver.13 is here

      Download Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) Command Line Interface (CLI)


      But it's not support RST ver


      Is there any solution?





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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello ShingoHara,

          Thank you for contacting Intel® Communities Support.

          The latest RST CLI version is 13.2.

          Please contact your local IT department since we do not support Command Line. 

          Stephen C.

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            I know for a fact that there is an RST CLI tool for 14.8.  I have it in my utilities folder.  Why an Intel representative would flat-out lie to you is beyond me.  I have not been able to locate a CLI tool for any version above 14.8, however.  I can infer from Intel's misinformation here that they do not want their RAID CLI tools to be used by the lowly computer users.  Likely for the same reason they don't have an option to delete or change RAID settings in the GUI.  It's too easy for someone to lose all their data if they don't fully understand what they are doing.  Still, I'd prefer to see that as the answer rather than, "It doesn't exist, move along.".  Try creative Googling or asking your computer manufacturer directly; I got the 14.8 CLI tool from Acer's ftp site.  Good luck finding what you need.

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              If RST CLI isn't supported anymore, what is intel's alternative?


              Our company sells professional computer systems that use intel RST. These systems ship with a program that monitors the computer health and sends SNMP/syslog alerts to a remote system in case of problem.

              rstcli.exe was the only known interface to extract status data from RST RAID. How can we do now if Intel doesn't provide some kind of queryable interface anymore?

              What do you propose? WMI, AMT, some API?


              Thanks in advance for your reply,


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                Thank you all.

                I wish intel's alternative would come.


                I try to get the information from windows event viewer log...