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    Drivers for NUC6i7KYK


      I installed Latest Intel Driver & Support Assistant Tool (v., it says there are 3 updates but when I start it, it launches Chrome browser and at Intel® Driver & Support Assistant page and I get an error message:

      [Oops, something went wrong while trying to scan. Please try again, or see our FAQs for help.]

      There is no error code, obviously the FAQ section does not contain any clue that might help.

      with v2 of this tool, even if it did not detect properly all intel drivers on the system I could install and see driver versions for most of them, with v.3 I can not do anything.

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          : Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® communities. We are sorry to hear about this situation and we apologize for any inconvenience.
          We will do further research on this matter in order to try to find a possible solution. As soon as I get any updates, I will post all the details on this thread.
          Any further questions, please let me know.
          Alberto R

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            Hi AlexCD.  This is Monique with Intel Corporation and I'm the PM for the IDSA application.  We have had several new releases of IDSA since the v3.0.0.9.  I'd like to request that you uninstall the IDSA version you have by going to the Control Panel and Programs and uninstall a program and locating the Intel Driver & Support Assistant and uninstall it.  Then delete any files in the DSA folder on your system at C:\ProgramData\Intel\DSA.  Once you are done then go directly to the Intel Download Center site and install the newest version of IDSA  v3.1.1.2 Download Intel® Driver & Support Assistant    Run the scan and hopefully it will work correctly for you.  If you still receive an "Oops" error message, please send us your log files from the C:\ProgramData\Intel\DSA folder by attaching to this thread so our developers can do more investigation.



            Monique with Intel Corporation

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              I have the same issue since new version of the IDSA.

              On begining of January I could update my drivers and BIOS without any problem.

              You will find all the log files from the C:\ProgramData\Intel\DSA folder in attachment

              Thank you for helping us solving this issue


              P.S @Monique_Intel : I made all what you wrote above but it did not help.

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                Hi JLF.  Thank you for providing the log files for our developers to use for their investigation.  They will also need to know which browser you tried using and exactly what kind of error or issue you are experiencing to give our developers a better idea of what to fix.  If you can provide a screen shot or explanation and the browser you used, that would be great.


                Monique with Intel Corporation

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                  Hi Monique

                  I'm using Firefox Quantum 57.0.4 (64 bits)

                  and this is a screenshot of what I get (in french of course )

                  The difference with AlexCD's one is that I have possibility to re-scan... but unfortunately I get the same issue.

                  IDSA version

                  Thanks for your help



                  P.S I just upgraded to Firefox 58.0 and got the same issue.

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                    Hi JLF.  Our developers reviewed your log files and said that all looks to be OK there.  They suggested you clear your browser cache and retry running the DSA scan.  Please let me know if this resolves your issue.



                    Monique with Intel Corporation

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                      Hi Monique,

                      I uninstalled ISDA, then cleared all caches (with CCLeaner), shut down the computer. I cleared what could have been left in the memory by pluging it out and pushing the start button at the same time. After a few minutes I restrated it, reinstalled ISDA and made a scan.

                      Unfortunately I got the same issue.

                      There is something strange I noticed with the tray icon : when I have the mouse pointer over it, it shows that there is an update (without other informations).


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                        Hallo Monique,


                        I have the same problem:


                        Win 10 64bit

                        Firefox 58.0

                        Intel Driver and Support Assistant Installer (fresh download from Intel)


                        did every uninstall, cleaning, restart, reinstall etc. as described...and same error message keep coming


                        deliver files from DSA folder

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                          Hi everybody,

                          My problem is solved. ISDA just doesn't work properly with Firefox latest versions.

                          By using the tool with MS Edge it works fine...


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                            Hi mel32  Thank you for the log files.  I've sent them to our developers to investigate.  There are many different reasons users could get that "Oops" message and they are trying to determine and fix them as we get logs and information from users.  As a previous user on this thread posted, Firefox wasn't working for the DSA scan but MS Edge did work.  Perhaps you could try a different browser and see if the DSA scan works for you?  Please let me know if you have success running scan with a browser other than Firefox.


                            Thanks for your assistance,

                            Monique with Intel Corporation

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                              hallo again,


                              it seems indeed that with ms-edge the program works properly although some updates (in my case-Intel® Ethernet Connection I219-LM)
                              after updating the driver, it still shows me that the driver is old and should be updated


                              thanks for the info and hopping I can use the tool with Firefox again as soon as possible

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                                Hi Mel32

                                I have the same issue with this update.

                                The answer is here

                                Cannot update Ethernet driver on NUC6I7KYK

                                It's nothing but a bug...


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                                  Hi mel32 & JLF.  Thank you for the feedback.  Yes, the issue seen with Firefox was able to be replicated by our developers and they will implement a fix in our next IDSA release.  We are also aware of the Ethernet driver detection issue and have been working to improve the accuracy with the Ethernet driver team, so another issue that will soon be resolved in our next IDSA release.

                                  Thanks for your patience,

                                  Monique with Intel Corporation

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                                    Hello Monique,


                                    first, thank you for your prompt and helpful help,


                                    now, the "oops" message is gone from my Firefox 58.0 and win10 64bit system, but the Download button fails to download the drivers.


                                    I am sending you the logs again. hope it helps.




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