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    D435 trouble after upgrading firmware to 5.8.9


      Since upgrading our D435 firmware from 5.8.5 to 5.8.9 we are experiencing some issues:


      1: Color camera intrinsics retrieval is broken

      The color intrinsics can be obtained through rs2::video_stream_profile::get_intrinsics(). Code that previously worked fine now returns an rs2_intrinsics object that contains garbage for the color camera. The resolution values seem to be ok but the focal length and optical center values are way off. This is what I receive:

      1920, 1080, -1.63575e-09, 0, 5.30913e+36, 540  (== w, h, fx, fy, px, py)


      2: Color / Depth camera extrinsics retrieval is broken

      The depth-to-color intrinsics come in as all NaNs (in either case depth-to-color and color-to-depth).


      The depth intrinsics seem to work ok.


      The broken intrinsics / extrinsics also show up both in the SDK point cloud example as well as the colored point cloud view in the RealSense Viewer. In both cases I get bad results: the point cloud is colored in one solid color, presumably because the projection into the color image fails and each read pixel location gets clamped to one of the corners of the color image.


      Is there a way to upgrade to 5.8.15 or back to 5.8.5?