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    Can't connect Skype for Business Plugin to Calendar


      I have everything set up for my Intel Unite setup. The HUB is on the domain, connected to the Enterprise server, auto-launches along with skype for business, and has the correct credentials in the ExchangeServerConfiguration.xml file (I tripple-checked this). For some reason, when I launch Intel Unite, it is unable to see skype for business meetings in the calendar. This appears to be because it is unable to connect to the exchange server.


      When I launch Intel Unite w/ Skype for Business Plugin, I get the following in the debug console:

      Error connecting to exchange: The collection is empty.

      Parameter name: items

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Appointment States~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      Appintment state: 3

      Appintment state: 3

      Appintment state: 3

      [DATE TIME] S4B Plugin was unable to connect to exchange. Please check credentials.


      If anyone has see this before, help would be greatly appreciated