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    Regarding Intel® Desktop Board D865GVHZ


      Hiii guyz...iam using Intel® Desktop Board D865GVHZ  with 512 mb ddr ram, now i want to know whether it supports

      ddr2 ram are not and iam using Pentium 4 processor 3.0 ghz,Can i uprade my processor on this motherboard.plzzzz help me                  

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          Sorry, but the 865GV chipset does not support DDR2 memory. This is because DDR2 desktop memory has 240 pins versus 184 for DDR(1) memory. DDR2 modules will not even physically fit your desktop board's memory slots.


          In addition, your motherboard's processor socket is Socket 478. This limits your upgrade possibilities since no new processor has been made for this socket in at least three years. Hence, you cannot use a dual-core processor or any 64-bit-capable processor on your desktop board because no such processor has ever been made for your board's socket.


          Hope this helps.