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    Intel Graphics UHD 620 Unsupported on Insignia HDTV 1080p?


      Dear Sir or Madam,


      Hope you had a great weekend and are well. I use Mediabridge HDMI cables to connect my newly-bought Dell Inspiron 7773 laptop which has Intel Graphics UHD 620 (and Nvidia Geforce MX150) inside to my Insignia HDTV (model #: NS-50L240A13).Upon connect, the TV screen would go black and say "unsupported mode" disturbingly. However, my old Inspiron 7720 laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4000 or my roommate’s Dell XPS 9550 with Intel Graphics HD 530 or my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Intel Graphics HD 515 all work perfectly with my old Insignia HDTV. I am wondering what I need to do to my Inspiron 7773 in order to revive the computer picture on the HDTV. I already tinkered the 620's graphics setting but to no avail. I also hooked up my Inspiron 7773 to my neighbor's Vizio 4K HDTV (model # M43C1) and it works too. So I feel really confused in terms of what went wrong. Have you heard about this from other customer before and if yes, what would be the solutions. Many thanks,