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    vPRO Remote Configuration error


      Hi all!
      My problem regards remote provisioning of intel vPRO  desktops. I do have remote configuration certificate from verisign (it`s imported to personal certificate store of local  machine as well as local user ) but when machine sends hellows scs throws such errors:


      The SOAP connection with  connection parameter set #1 failed: AMT Connection Error: SOAP Error [26]: "getFullCoreVersion: Fault: 'EOF was  observed that violates the protocol. The client probably provided invalid authentication information.' : Details:  'SSL connect failed in tcp_connect()'".


      The SOAP connection with connection parameter  set #2 failed: AMT Connection Error: SOAP Error [26]: "getFullCoreVersion: Fault: 'Error observed by underlying  BIO: Bad file descriptor' : Details: 'SSL connect failed in tcp_connect()'".


      I tried with my own  generated remote certificate as well, I did suplly hash through MEBx and the same errors apear.


      Any help  would be very much appreciated, because I`m struggling with it almost 2 weeks. Thanks in advance.