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    Will asus h8p67m le support xeon e3 1270?


      Will asus h8p67m le support xeon e3 1270?

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          In order for a processor to be used, it must be board, socket and BIOS compatible. While it is easy for us to determine whether the socket is compatible, this is moot if it is not board and BIOS compatible. The only source who can tell you whether this board and its BIOS are compatible with this processor is the manufacturer for the board. Bottom line, you need to be asking this question on the Asus site, not here.


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            Al Hill

            And, he has more problems than that.  First, he needs to get the board model number correct.


            Assuming the board in question is really "P8H67-M LE", then the supported processors are:

            P8H67-M LE CPU / Memory Support| Motherboards | ASUS USA


            Notice that the  E3-1230 is the last one in the list.  The E3-1270 is not on the list.


            However, a comparision of these two processsors reveals they are socket compatible:

            Intel® Product Specification Comparison

            But, as Scott said, none of this matters unless the ASUS bios supports it, which it appears to not support (the E3-1270).


            Using the E3-1230 seems pretty close in specs to the E3-1270, unless he already has an E3-1230, in which case I see no benefit in upgrading.


            So, he needs to get his board model number correct and look it up on the ASUS site, and move on from there.