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    Display issues NUC7i5BNH on Panasonic TV (HDMI)


      I have a very odd display issue with my NUC.


      The display via HDMI works just n the monitors that I've tested, but when I plug it in, the dispaly will not work. By not work, I mean I see the BIOS boot up NUC splash page, but as soon as Windows loads, the screen goes a bit wonky. See the pic for details. Now, the ONLY way to get it to display on the TV, is to uninstall the video driver completely and use the Microsoft Basic Display adapter.


      Here is some specific info on my environment:

      • TV: Panasonic TC-P46G25 46-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV (via HDMI)
      • WIndows 10 Pro, 1709 build
      • Using the NUC for a Kodi HTPC


      I've tried using the Intel drives from the download center, using the MSFT Intel drives via Windows Update - no difference. Interestly, the display will stop working as soon as the driver is updated. In other words, if I uninstall the display adapter, then reboot - the diplay is fine. But as soon as the driver is updated - the display stops working.


      Also tried using different HDMI cables just to see, but no joy. Also checked the driver settings (what output it's using) but can't find anything to help. I don't understand how the basic MSFT driver works but the Intel, manufacturer specific driver does not.


      Any help or sugguestions would be great!