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    A moment I have been sucker punched cant find my D drive


      Hi All

      It seems that i am not the only one that has got the same problem which is as soon as you allow I RST to do its job it removes or hides the D drive display and function.

      Is there away to recover the D drive with out reinstalling everything.Is there anyone with an answer that does not require me to reinstall windows. Thanks


      A word to the Intel folks i do not find it funny or fair to PROVIDE products which have defects.I would like to hear some accountability  tell the truth about the potential issues  because the only thing i have read to night on countless sights for the last 8 hours was that I RST ---- up the D drive, hides the display and only will display the drive on IRST file manager but will not show up in Disk manager nor will it show up as a listing with the C drive. I do not work for Intel and  i did not buy a computer to do your freakon job. 8 hours of my life has been sucked into this issue .8 hours in which i could of worked on things that pay my bills.


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