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    SR300 depth and IR are not working



      My machine is lower than the minimum requirement for SR300 .

      HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC, Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.2 GHz with 12 GB RAM, 64 bit on Windows10 Home 10.0.14393 build 14393.



      My SR300 gets recognized  in the imaging devices as SR300 Depth, RGB and Virtual driver. However, 3dscan or depth or IR raw streams do not work. I tried on  someone else‘s laptop and it did work. So it’s my machine. I tried externally powered usb hub but it didn’t work either. Any idea how I can get it to work on my older machine, please?

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          Unfortunately, you will only be able to use functions based on RGB video with your old second generation processor.  Depth and IR will not work.  There is no workaround for it.  I'm very sorry.

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            Can i replace my current 2nd generation core i7 with Intel® Core™ i7-7740X X-series Processor?

            It‘s too expensive for me to buy a new laptop so I am trying to see what I can do. I also like my current laptop. Will I also need to upgrade the DDR?


            thanks much!

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              Laptops processors are usually not upgradable because the manufacturer fixes the processor the the circuit board (called the 'motherboard')  with permanent solder instead of having the chip plugged into a socket like on desktop machines.  Also, the motherboard usually has to have in-built compatibility with the chip replacement, so even if you could insert a new chip, it  would not work with the PC motherboard.


              If you were considering an X-series processor and DDR memory, it would probably be cheaper just to get a laptop with a 6th generation processor (the minimum for the SR300 camera).  As 6th generation Skylake is approaching a few years old now, you may be able to pick up a good deal somewhere on a Skylake laptop.  I myself use an Acer Aspire ES 15 laptop with Skylake processor as my main work machine.