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    Graphics card issues


      Hi - I recently purchased a BENQ SW2700PT for my photography work after my Eizo monitor expired. However I have not been able to set the native resolution 2560 x 1440 - only 1920 x 1080. I have made sure the pc recognises the BENQ monitor (it had said Generic pnp), which has updated so that is fine. However still no change to maximum resolution. I then established that I could try to update the driver for the Intel (R) HD Graphics card. However after following Intel's directions and identifying the correct numbers and performing the update of the graphics driver a pop up said 'this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software'.


      I have a Lenovo H330 Windows 7 pc purchased several years ago -


      The BENQ inputs are DVI, DP and HDMI - my Lenovo only has VGA and HDMI therefore I have used the HDMI port on pc to connect to the monitor's HDMI port which I assume should work.


      My question is:


      Is my graphics card out of date and cannot be updated so do I buy a new one and if so what?


      Is it the HDMI cable that is not best for this resolution and how can I connect with DP or DVI if I do not have those on my pc? Or are there different types of HDMI connectors?


      Or is my pc too out of date to be able to use this monitor?


      I would really appreciate any advice.


      Yours faithfully,