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    How to add two monitors (VGA) on one laptop (HDMI)?


      I want to link two monitors (VGA, no HDMI) to one laptop (only one HDMI, but no VGA). My laptop is HP i7 6500U, Intel HD Graphics 520. I already checked on your web site datasheet of interfaces, on page 39 it says this laptop can carry 3 monitors. I am using one HDMI connector out from the laptop to VGA, and using a VGA spliter to connect two monitors. I am using "extend" on display setting, not "duplicate". Now, the image on the laptop and one of the monitor is extended, but both monitors image are mirrored. On the display setting, I only can find 1 and 2 screen, and it does not show the 3rd one. Would you please tell me what kind of connectors or other equipment I need to get to make extended images for all three screens?