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    Method to Update MEI?


      I need to update the Intel Management Engine Driver in my bios from to


      I have run the Exe file for 1252 and it gave me the setup is complete screen and then rebooted.


      I was expecting a completed screen after the reboot, but it never appeared.


      I do have a listing in Programs & Features for IME 1252 with a install date of 9/5/2015.


      When I use F2 on boot and look at the System Information, it still has MEI at


      Since the download file for 1252 is an exe file, it would appear that executing this file is the proper way to do the install.


      Obviously I haven't done it right, since the bios did not update!


      Can someone provide me instruction on how to do this properly?

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          Did you run it "As Administrator"?

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            Yes, I ran it "As Administrator".


            What did I miss?

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              I always ask the dumb ("What could I screw up?") questions first.


              I am not sure you missed anything; I will need to try it myself and see what happens...



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                I have tried running it in "Safe Mode", both with minimal services and without, but it will not complete due to missing services.

                I had an older version that I tried, but no change with that either.


                I am running a multi boot system, if that makes any difference. I always go back to the boot drive where I ran it though.


                I recall doing this type of upgrade a long time ago, but no problem then.


                Has upgrading to version 8 been problematic?


                Is there an alternate way to do it?

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                  More info:


                  MB - DH67GD

                  AA - AAG10206-206 - 3rd Gen-Capable

                  BIOS - BLH6710H.86A-0160 - Latest - 3rd Gen Ready


                  I even tried it at the CMD as administrator with the -overall switch setting, but it didn't like the switch setting.


                  I need to upgrade to a Version 8 so I can upgrade my processor.


                  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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                    It may not update UNTIL you upgrade the processor.


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                      I installed the new processor, E3-1290v2 from a i7-2600K, and the BIOS gave me a message that i needed to upgrade to version 8.


                      At that point it would not go any further.


                      That is how I found out I needed to go to version 8.

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                        Ok, back to start!  I will walk you through my logic.

                        Here is the message that appeared when I tried to boot with the E3-1290v2 installed:

                        Pressing Return to continue did not work.  Only choice was to power off.

                        Here is the link shown above:


                        Here is the table for my motherboard:

                                                                     Yes this is my version.    My BIOS is at 0160.

                        Please review the flowchart on the link above and verify I have read it correctly.  My logic is in red.


                        I end up at the box that says to use the Recovery Update method to update the board to the 3rd Gen-Ready BIOS version. 


                        Here are the problems I see in the flowchart logic:

                        1. I am already at firmware version 0160. 0160 is later than 0151 so 0160 should be 3rd Gen-Ready.
                        2. The Recovery Update method uses BIO files, not EXE files.  The MEI update file is an EXE file.


                        The flowchart seems to indicate that upgrading the BIOS will take care of upgrading the MEI, but if that is the case then why do they offer MEI files separately?


                        Hope this triggers a light bulb somewhere!

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                          LOL! We'll, it is pretty simple. You need an update to the ME firmware, not (just) the MEI!


                          Go into BIOS Setup, scroll down to Additional System Information and press <enter>. At the bottom of the display (you may have to scroll down) it should display the ME firmware version. It is likely not the correct version. Correcting it requires that you install (or reinstall) the latest BIOS using the Recovery Method.



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                            Yes, I am trying to upgrade the ME firmware.

                            I didn't realize the Exe file would not update the ME firmware.

                            Seems strange when that is what i used to update to 0160.


                            I used the Recovery Method with the file BL0160.BIO.

                            I tried it on the USB 2.0 port, but it didn't read it.


                            I burned it to a CD and tried it and it seemed to read it.

                            The activity light flashed for a period of time.

                            I waited over 10 minutes and it never shutdown or displayed anything on the monitor.

                            Figuring I had waited long enough, I turned it off and replaced the jumper and rebooted.

                            The firmware is still at


                            I tried the CD method three times, one of which was a fresh download of the BIO file, with the same results.


                            Any suggestions?  The download document lists special instructions; however, the link just goes to a general screen without any instructions.

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                              Yes. Go back to the USB flash stick. Reformat it on some other Windows-based PC, using the FAT32 file system and with the Quick option disabled (unchecked). Put only the .BIO file in this stick. Now go through the jumper-based recovery process. That is, remove the yellow BIOS configuration jumper, plug the stick into a blue USB port and power on. You should see progress displayed onscreen.



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                                Ok I built the USB stick with the BIO file and put it in blue USB port.

                                Turned it off and removed the jumper and them powered it up.


                                I forgot to remove the CD so I took it out as soon as I could.


                                Looks like it is really messed up now.


                                It is completely unresponsive other than it does read the CD, but no processor lights.


                                Is my only recourse to reflash the BIOS?

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                                  You *were* reflashing the BIOS - and potentially killed this operation while it was in-progress, which might have corrupted the BIOS permanently. We need to check. So, make sure the CD is removed, no other storage devices are plugged into USB, the USB flash stick is plugged into a back panel (black!) USB port, the jumper is removed and power on. You should see the LED on the USB flash stick flash a few times and a display of the update progress on your monitor.


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                                    I tried you suggestion and no luck.  I believe it is corrupted permanently, unless you have any other suggestions.

                                    Note to self - Don't do that again!

                                    Thank you for the directions and assistance you provided me.

                                    I really appreciate you staying with me on this one.

                                    Best Regards,

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