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    NUC6CAYH unable to boot, ring led status stuck in fade mode, BIOS defaults does not solve




      I've been using a linux based tool (GitHub - milesp20/intel_nuc_led: Intel NUC7i[x]BN and NUC6CAY LED Control for Linux ) to change the Ring LED on the NUC6CAYH to different colors and modes.

      I may have stumbled upon a situation where the NUC is unable to boot after the ring led has been set to fade instead of being on solid.


      To create the problem:

      -     Set the ring led to "sw controlled" in the Visual Bios

      -     Boot into linux

      -     Load the driver and set the ring led to fade slowly in color white

      -     Reboot the NUC, it is completely stuck, the ring led is fading slowly white but the UEFI does not seem to go past POST or even offer any options to enter the setup menu


      To temporary fix the problem, clear CMOS as suggested here: Clearing CMOS on Intel® NUC

      -     Plug AC power in

      -     3 second power button trick to get into "safe mode"

      -     Enter setup, load defaults (F9) and save

      This sets the ring led back to "power status" and makes the NUC bootable again.


      Here comes the tricky part:


      After booting successfully with the new BIOS settings I rebooted the NUC again and set the ring led back to "SW controlled", thinking it would be back to defaults (off) and boot.

      But after saving and rebooting the NUC the ring led is fading slowly white again, I hoped the setting (and possibly bug) would be gone.


      Now I am unable to ever set the ring LED back to "SW controlled" since it renders the NUC unbootable.

      Could this be a BIOS issue?


      I'm running the latest version: "AYAPLCEL.86A.0042.2017.1117.1918"


      Sincerely, Koen

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