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    Can I install win 7 on m.2 drive?


      Can I install win 7 on m.2 drive?

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          Yes, you can, but you must include an NVMe driver in your Windows 7 boot/install images. For certain manufacturers (Samsung, Toshiba/OCZ), a driver package can be downloaded from their Web site. For the remainder, you must use the Microsoft back-port of the Windows 10 drivers. Unfortunately, I have not heard of anyone being successful integrating this package into a Windows 7 image (if there are other users who have, you need to chime in here with details of how you did it).


          BTW, regardless of what version of Windows you are going to use, you also need to enable UEFI in order to support booting from NVMe drives and you must enable UEFI BEFORE  you install Windows.


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