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    Broken factory seal: Automatically return it or a sign of low quality tape?


      Ordered an i7-7820 from a reputable online seller over Black Friday weekend.  I opened the box this morning, and it was immediately apparent that the Intel factory seal was broken (see pictures).  How often does this happen?


      Factory Seal.jpg


      Factory Seal - 2.jpg



      I have not opened the box as a result.  The last time I purchased a CPU was 7 years ago so it's been a while but there are multiple forum discussions regarding counterfeit CPUs or used/broken CPUs which people patch up and return, passing off as new. 


      The writing on the surface of the CPU matches the label on the outside of the box and there doesn't appear to be any surface damage to the CPU when looking through the window.

      Processor through window.jpg

      CPU Box Label.jpg

      I just wasn't sure if I should move forward with opening the box and trying it out since everything else states that the factory seal is critical even though the factory seal sticker appears to be a relatively insecure means of securing the box.  It's really disheartening to invest the time and money researching and then purchasing the parts for a new machine only to receive products that could have been better secured in the first place.


      Please advise as I am anxious to get this project started!


      Thanks all!