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    Need clarification on Processor




      I want to knwo which processr is best one for Laptop.

      1. Intel® Core™ i3-350M Processor (2.26Ghz, 4 Threads, 3M cache)

      2 .Intel® Core™ i3-330M (2.13Ghz, 4Threads, 3M cache)

      3. Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6600 (2.20GHz/ 800 FSB/ 2MB Cache)

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          I suppose it depends on whether you need speed, or low cost; doesn't it?  What are your purchasing parameters?

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            Cost does matter.. i am planning to buy Dell™ Inspiron 15 New Laptop (S541206IN8). That s wat i asked..

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              I have not used either, however:

              1. The i3-330M should be faster than the T6600.

              2. The i3-330M + chipset compared with the T6600 + chipset should draw less power and have longer battery life.

              3. The Intel video of the i3 series is more capable than the corresponding Intel video of the mobile Core 2 Duo series.  However, if the Dell laptop uses a fast Nvidia or ATI video chip then the capabilities of the Intel video won't matter.

              4. The greater speed of the i3-350M compared with the i3-330M is probably too small to be perceived.

              5. If I were buying a laptop I'd choose the i5-520 series because it has the AES-NI instructions in hardware for cryptographic processing.  With this processor I could use Microsoft BitLocker full disk encryption for data security and the performance impact would be minimized.  The i3 series doesn't have the AES-NI instruction set.  Using full disk encryption makes access to the laptop data very difficult if the laptop is stolen.

              Usual Disclaimers:

              1. Check the above information yourself.

              2. I'm not an Intel or Microsoft employee.