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    Intel Aero WiFi


      Hello Everyone,


      As a learning exercise, we decided to dis-assemble and then re-assemble the Intel Aero RTF. In the process, we ran into the following problem with WiFi:


      When no peripherals are attached to the compute board or power distribution board, QGC on a nearby smartphone is quickly able to connect with the drone over the WiFi network centered on the drone.


      However, when the four motors are connected to the power distribution board, QGC on the smartphone is NOT able to connect with the drone. In fact NO WiFi network is detected -- even by a second smartphone nearby.


      Any help will be much appreciated

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          Hi NareshJotwani,

          That is a very strange behavior. Can you please provide some additional details? 

          • Was the access point working prior to disassemble?
          • Are the Wi-Fi antennas attached to the wireless card?
          • What software version are you using? 
            • Please provide the output of aero-get-version.py